Mental illness according to ODMHSAS – Deputy Commissioner Terry White

“We have decades of neglect to overcome and if we are not going to treat this like the crisis it is, then things will not change.”


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Our Services

Disclosures information: Aurora does not discriminate on the basis of race, color religion, gender, sexual-orientation, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, marital status in employment or any program or activity offered or sponsored by the agency.

Our Mission: Aurora Counseling Services, Inc., is to provide supportive leadership in developing ad coordinating co-occurring substance abuse and mental
health treatment to persons served in the community while ensuring quality of life and respect for diversity.

Our Vision: The vision of Aurora is to develop community based services that welcome co-occurring treatment in substance abuse and mental health which
support personal independence and encourage a sense of well-being.

Our Commitment: To provide services that will promote improvement in our client’s current situation and give them opportunities and hope for a brighter

Aurora seeks to bring New Hope to Oklahoma City! 

Aurora Counseling
6803 S. Western, Suite 301
Oklahoma City, OK 73139
405-634-4434 (O)
405-632-2693 (F)


Aurora is state certified through the Oklahoma Department of Mental
Health and Substance Abuse Services

We offer a wide range of counseling services to
children, adolescents and adults. Aurora seeks to
provide quality services for ALL!!

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Services in

Oklahoma City

Counseling Services in Oklahoma City

* Depression
* Anger
* Anxiety
* Adjustment Disorders
* Post Traumatic Stress Disorders
* Oppositional/Defiant Disorders
* Obsessive/Compulsive Disorders
* Eating Disorders
* Low Self-Esteem
* Explosive Anger Disorder
* Disruptive Behavior Disorder
* Reactive Attachment Disorder
* Separation Anxiety Disorder
* Attention Deficit Disorder
* We provide Case management to    link Families to Community resources and Advocate for important issues.
​* Online Counseling Services
​*Psychological Testing and Evaluation



is more important

than your family!