Direction in Life: Can’t see where to go!

Lacking Motivation: Are you unmotivated?

Healthy Relationships: How are you doing?

- Trauma Counseling Service.                                              - Grief Therapy                                                                 -Teen Dating/Life Skills Training
- Assessment and service planning                                   - Suicide/Violence Prevention                               -Dedicated and supportive staff
- Parenting Skills Education                                                  - Case management services                                   - Referral, advocate and linkage to community                                                                                       -  Psychological Testing and Evaluations          - Tele-Therapy /online counseling
- Anger Management Education                                        - Support to Military families                                   - Prevention Diversion, Outpatient Treatment 

Individual, couple, group and family counseling services. 

We do in service meetings for DHS and Schools dealing with such issues as:

Strategies for stopping Aggressive Behaviors 

How to stop Bullying

How to minimize and stop Disruptive Behaviors

Recognizing signs of Abuse and Neglect​